Hello! 👋


I’m Joel Izlar (my last name rhymes with the licorice candy Twizzler) and welcome to my personal site.

If you’ve accidentally come across this page–or even intentionally for that matter–I must warn you that it’s pretty boring.

You might be better off looking at the 500 cutest animals or listening to some cool music from Tanzania.

Who Is This Guy? 🤔

I’m a Dad, social scientist, educator, noise rock enthusiast, and tea head. My pronouns are he/him.

I have a decade of experience as a community worker and organizer and have worked with a number of community organizations in the US Deep South focused on ecosocial welfare, mutual aid, poverty, homelessness, food justice, immigration, youth, elders, digital justice, ecosocial justice, and economic justice. I now spend my time researching, teaching, and publishing on community work.

I was trained in the feminist, participatory tradition, where the focus is on organizing community, not community organizing.

I believe that long-term, project-based organizing based upon mutual aid acts as a more reliable model for lasting social change than common methods that emphasize top-down, masculinist, short-term “battles” and “wins.”

This site isn’t updated very often, but I am somewhat active on Mastodon (@joelizlar), so join me there!

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